Romantic Date Ideas in Hartford

Romantic Date Ideas in HartfordYou've been wrestling with your schedule all week, and it just seems harder and harder to find the time for the things that really matter. But the extra effort you make to move things around and maybe cancel a few activities in order to set aside some special time to spend with your significant other is always worth the effort. Now that you have the time, what will the two of you do with it? Luckily, there are several excellent romantic date ideas in Hartford that offer the perfect scenarios in which you and your partner can reconnect to reignite those feelings that first brought you together.

Big fancy dinners are great, and big expensive evenings out are fine, too. But if you want to just focus on each other with minimal distractions while still being surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in Hartford, make plans to enjoy a romantic date at Bushnell Park. Pack a picnic and blanket and head out to find a truly special spot that will allow the two of you to talk, take in the park's greenery, and reconnect in a truly relaxing way.

Address: Hartford, CT - MAP
Phone: (860) 232-6710

The Bushnell Performing Arts Center
Going to a performance at the Bushnell is like escaping into a world where the focus is on the spotlighted stage and the stellar performances that take place there. The venue has long been Connecticut's premiere performing arts center, and the impressive number of productions that are scheduled throughout the year attest to that fact. So if you and your significant other love dressing up and enjoying a romantic date night filled with unforgettable performances, don't be late for the show at the Bushnell!

Address: 166 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT 06106 - MAP
Phone: (860) 987-6000

Tisane Euro-Asian Cafe
Take your sweetie to a place that is as special as it is unforgettable by meeting up at Hartford's Tisane Euro Asian Cafe. Depending on what time of day your date is, you can enjoy some of their delicious and soothing tea, which is just one of the many things that this comfortable yet stylish cafe is known for. If you meet after the workday is done, their martini's are just too good to pass up. Plus, Tisane is also known for its cozy, romantic atmosphere that will prove to be the perfect backdrop for your special time together.

Address: 537 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105 - MAP
Phone: (860) 523-5417

Mozzicato-bakery and Pastry Shop
Show your partner how sweet you think he or she is when you plan to meet for a romantic date at the Mozzicato DePasquale Bakery and Pastry Shop. Choose from an unbelievable array of freshly baked pastries and a place that will marvelously take over your senses the minute you walk in. Once you choose your sweet treat, enhance the experience with one of the many gourmet coffees that are on the menu, too. Mozzicato DePasquale is a great place to meet during the morning or late afternoon, and it's also a nice way of showing your partner that you just couldn't make it through the day without seeing them!

Address: 329 Franklin Ave, Hartford, CT 06114 - MAP
Phone: (860) 296-0426

City Steam Brewery Cafe
Going out for a drink is always a good idea for a romantic date, but build on that tried and true choice when you opt to spend some time at City Steam Brewery Cafe. This friendly venue offers an impressive menu of microbrews that will please even the pickiest of beer lovers. Plus, a great menu offers everything from appetizers to steaks and other entrees. And, if all of that isn't enough, there's great entertainment in the way of comedy or “retro” movie presentations that feature such favorites as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Dirty Dancing. Check their website for dates and times.

Address: 942 Hartford, CT 06013 - MAP
Phone: (860) 525-1600

International Skating Center of Connecticut
Recreate a scene right out of a romantic movie when the two of you hit the ice on a date at the International Skating Center of Connecticut. It won't matter if you both have put on a pair if ice skates before or not. What will matter is that you can enjoy the experience hand in hand and have fun sharing time talking, gliding on the ice, and people-watching. Plus, you will each be there to catch each other if you fall! The schedule of hours varies seasonally, so call or check the website before venturing out.

Address: 1375 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury, CT - MAP
Phone: (860) 651-5400