Hartford Nightlife

Hartford NightlifeAfter a day of doing everything you had to do, plan an evening doing something that you actually want to do! If you're wanting an evening full of fun, friends and relaxation, finding it is easier than you think when you venture out into Hartford's nightlife. And it really doesn't matter if the mood of your evening is a formal, dressed-up one or it's more of a torn-jeans-and-t-shirt kind of vibe, because you'll easily find just the right night-time destination where good times, good music and good friends all await you.

Arch Street Tavern
Meet your friends tonight at Arch Street Tavern for an experience that can only be termed as classically modern. The nightlife venue's dark atmosphere and vintage layout are offset by the friendly faces and excellent service. Whether you order a sandwich, a burger or an appetizer off of the menu or just prefer to enjoy one of the many beers or specialty drinks from the bar, once you and your friends get together at Arch Street Tavern, you'll quickly become a part of the bar's legion of devoted patrons.

Address: 85 Arch Street, Hartford, CT 06103 - MAP
Phone: (860) 246-7610
Web: www.archstreettavern.com

City Steam Brewery Cafe
Instead of hopping from one place to another tonight, choose to spend your evening at City Steam Brewery Cafe. The reason? This impressive nightspot and restaurant offers plenty of fun all in one place. If you're hungry, the menu features everything from appetizers to sandwiches to even meatloaf. And if you're thirsty, well, let's just say that the chances of your beer mug staying empty are slim to none! Enjoy Pilsner, Porter or City Steam Ale or a frozen concoction from the bar to help you relax and enjoy all the fun in this multi-level establishment. Plus, the Brew Ha Ha Comedy Club is on the premises as well, so there's plenty to smile about! Reservations are required for the comedy show.

Address: 942 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06013 - MAP
Phone: (860) 525-1600
Web: www.citysteambrewerycafe.com

Bourbon Street North
The spice of New Orleans isn't far away when you visit Hartford's Bourbon Street North. This is a nightlife favorite for both its incredibly authentic cuisine as well as its impressively stocked bar. In addition to appealing to your taste buds, you'll also enjoy the festive atmosphere and excellent service from the high-spirited barkeeps and waitstaff. There's live music scheduled frequently, but the spice is right every night of the week!

Address: 70 Union Pl, Hartford, CT 06013 - MAP
Phone: (860) 525-1014

Trust Club
Never mind that you will be bleary-eyed and perhaps a little fuzzy the morning after spending an evening at Hartford's Trust Club–getting to that state will have been all worth it! This popular nightlife spot offers unbelievably excellent music, a bar that features everything you could imagine in terms of adult beverages, and some of the city's most stunningly beautiful people all out to have a truly excellent time. The fact that Trust Club is open all night means that the crowd is always getting bigger and more uninhibited as the hour gets later and later.

Address: 115 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT 06103 - MAP
Phone: (860) 522-4646

Club Blu
Club Blu is one of those truly memorable haunts that offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the dizzying lights and thumpy club music in the more trendy part of the nightlife venue that features some of the city's most gorgeous people out getting their groove on. You will also enjoy cooling your heels in the swanky lounge-type area where interacting with both old and new friends lends itself to great conversation and mingling. A top-notch staff, an excellent selection at the bar and a visually appealing crowd make Club Blu the perfect color for your night.

Address: 191 Ann Street, Hartford, CT 06103 - MAP
Phone: (860) 241-0332

The Webster Theater has been consistently presenting some of Hartford's most memorable live shows for years–and that tradition shows no signs of stopping. From seasoned blues artists like Buddy Guy to some of today's more cutting edge acts like Panic at the Disco and Aaron Lewis, you will find that the marquee at this popular live music and nightlife venue always features an appealing yet eclectic schedule of performers.

Address: 31 Webster Street, Hartford, CT - MAP
Phone: (860) 246-8801
Web: www.webstertheater.com